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Skyfell (and I can’t get up) – TOSCAR 2013 Edit


Here it is folks!  (WATCH HERE) The parody I worked on for about 3 weeks.  10 days of pre-production, 3 days of shooting and 9 days of post production and creation of our fine poster!

Our Composers Tamara Douglas-Morris and Guy Ross won a GOLDEN FIST for their music!

It was such an honor to Produce, Co-Direct and play a version of Javier Bardem in this spectacular short parody with such a fine group of people!

Star Alexander, Marc Cleary, David Esquire, Tamara Douglas-Morris, Laura Harbron, Melissa Kite, Henny Letailleur, John McNamara, Burgandi Phoenix, Guy Ross, Gene Franklin Smith, and Ben Stanley.